Proof We Read…

Have you listened to people talking about how the reading culture has died? Have you listened to people drone on about how “this generation” doesn’t read? Have you cringed every time someone asked you, do you read? OR What book are you currently reading?

I find it easier to list the series I am currently hooked on, or would like to get hooked on than to list the books I am reading…

This year, I have decided to work on my reading – hopefully this will keep me accountable (to myself)

  1. 40 Days of Purpose – Rick Warren
  2. Captivating – Stasi & John Eldredge
  3. Leota’s Garden – Francine Rivers
  4. The Bible – God
  5. Spiritual Gifts – Smith Wigglesworth
  6. The Prophet – Frank E Perreti
  7. Sons of Encouragement: The Warrior – Francine Rivers
  8. The Sacred Romance – Brent Curtis & John Eldredge
  9. The Shack – WM Paul Young
  10. Devine – Karen Kingsbury
  11. Piercing The Darkness – Frank E Peretti
  12. The Thin Blue Line – Christine Caine
  13. The True Measure of A Woman – Lisa Bevere
  14. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray
  15. Walking with the Women of the Bible – Elizabeth George
  16. Free form Knitting and Crochet – Jenny Dowde
  17. Paid in Blood – Mel Odom
  18. Mary Magdaline: A Woman Who Loved – Steve Copland
  19. The Edge Of Light – Ann Shorey
  20. Thicker Than Blood – C.J Darlington

Tell me, what do you think?

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