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For Bogi…

Bogi was my best friend’s brother. I met him when I stayed at her house – that was a total of 6 days – but the memory of him is forever implanted in my mind.

You told me to keep a day open – then you intended to take me to the memorial place, but we got there and they said it was closed. So we hopped onto a taxi and headed to town, where you took me to Bourbons and we drank soda :). Time for home came and we had to hope onto bodas – I wouldn’t sit astride and you were worried, I laughed at you and said, I’m from Kampala – we do this everyday. Very sweet guy, open, honest and had a sweet smile!

He was my definition of a true gentleman.

He went to be with the Lord on 22nd March – It is still surreal. We had just text each other on 21st and he was fine – Next thing we are getting a text that Bogi is gone – it was a boda accident.

So Bogi, I find I cannot accurately describe who you were, without coming up short, but I think you would have liked this video.


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Gone Pinky Gone


This is the end of road…

Due to serious health threats (Strained eyes) and technical complications (Various Server crashes!), I am looking around to for new environmentally friendly themes. 

So this morning I tearfully bid Pinky goodbye and walked toward a new theme. So i’m going to be testing different themes over a period of time…


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Tear Joy Falls

These past months have been something all together.  I feel like I have just been drifting by as an observer not really taking part in my own life. That however is about to change. I took a trip recently to Tear Joy falls. Its amazing what 3 days away from the hustle and bustle of town life can do to you!!

Its up in the mountain, where the clouds touch the earth and the sunlight rays kiss the earth making it all look like a heavenly scene. He was there you know. I had spent the days before that franticly searching for him and then He just up and showed up that day.

I was huddled up in a chair (trying to conserve all the warmth i could muster), just thinking to myself…It surely can’t get any worse than this!!! I was giving all sorts of ultimatums when suddenly there He was… A heavy aura of love surrounding Him. His presence so tangible…

That was when I noticed the streams flowing down my face…

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