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Weekend Escaps

I tell you, shoppping is an over rated experience!!!!

Yesterday i tried it and ended up leaving the super market with a migraine to boot. The fact that i had to try the new tech thing again didn’t help at all. I walked in with a small idea of what i wanted, boy was i in for a huge shocker…not only have the prices hit the roof, there is just no variety. I left feeling miserable and cheated.

Remember my ear drama…. Yeah the 2am one..I just love my ears….Well it was on Wednesday night that i noticed something was different. One was hot..I mean literally the thing heated up…

My mind went into over drive….By mid day the next day, both were steaming!! I talked to doctors, med interns even a Radiologist (I jest not!!).. They all said..You’ll be fine, even God said you’ll be okay quit worrying..

Do you know that feeling that no one really knows what you are going through? That’s what i felt!! Friday found me with red hot ears… My complexion is a mix of greys and patches of brown and black now imagine adding red to that!!! You can’t even think about it, can you?

Cut the long story short, I found out that i had been lied to by a certain madam in a medicine shop!!!! If anyone ever tells you that all spirits are the same, Run like the devil himself is chasing you!!!!


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Transformers & Fries

Caution to all the ladies, it would be in your best interest not to watch machine-filled movies with boys!

You remember the time when everyone was raving about ‘Transformers’? Well I was among those people, I was just filled with so much awe… The cartoon had suddenly come alive and I was enjoying every minute of it. It wasn’t until last Saturday that I noticed, I had never really finished the whole movie (DK don’t judge me!). I haven’t the slightest idea why I never went beyond a certain part. 

Anyway, so these boys are all very excited about stuff I don’t recall happening in the movie. I normally just hit ctrl+ Right Arrow and I skip all the really loud fighting scenes. Sadly on Saturday I could do no such thing, on minute we were all seated relaxed the next pips are jumping all over the place, others were now sitting at the edge of their seats, things like ,”GWE GUY!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!!!!!” “AYA YA YA!!!” “AAAAAHHHHHHH”  “Bambi, We repeat ko. Just that part.” Quite interesting wouldn’t you say? 🙂

I was also taught something new, “Never Leave fries on the plate” So here is the reason behind this statement. Apparently because of the shape of the fries they can be packed into the stomached properly. It’s not even necessary to chew them just swallow so that the land like ‘Tetris’ blocks!


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Since when did we become so dependant on these machines? I just can’t remember the time when we took the turn and decided to rely heavily on this stuff!!

I have been seated waiting for my internet to be turned on but when I inquired I found out that alot had been going on in between. I’ll explain the way I understood it:

There are the parent machines located somewhere in an ice chilled room, those daddy and mummy machine are connected to several machines that power them up (Power & I Machines). These D&M’s supply the internet thourgh various switches which in tern relay the signal to other swithes which relay the signal to my swithes which also relay the signal to my machine.

The following took place between 5:30am and 6:30am

Power Machine experiences surge, cannot contain energy, Power Machine Blows. I Machines activate and replace the Power Machines. I Machines because they weren’t fully charged, stop about 50 mins later. D&M’s breathe their last.

The following took place between 6:30am and 7:30am

TRP arrives feeling like she can take on the world. Singing a tune to herself, powers up her machine walks to the cupboard pours herself some nice munchables and walks back to her desk. Distracted she gazes at her machine, her mind on what she is going to tell the blog world that morning, only to notice its all grey.

All thats going through her head is, not again: not again: not again. She checks out her swtiches and not a problem is found. She lets out an exasperated sigh, turns up her music and drowns herself into her Tracie Peterson until Mr. H.E.L.P comes along.

The following took place between 7:30am and 2:30pm
TRP’s brain enters the Chill Mode….

The following took place between 2:30pm and 3:30pm
TRP starts recieving emails, net’s back up.

Let the Work day commence… 🙂


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Escal-Tech: The New Staircase

There is a thing about new stuff that gets you wanting to try them. You know, like your first phone: never slept till i new almost half the functions, new bike: fell off but attempted to try again, new TV: pressed all the buttons till I realized there as some thing breathing down my neck and he didn’t look too pleased., new CD player: carried it everywhere till it broke. So new things just seem to have a hidden script that activates it self immediately you carry it away.

Last weekend I met my ‘nu-challenge’! It was the technological advancement that i had not yet tried. To suffice it I was excited but because I am a cool person i chose not to let it show. I circled it trying to master the technic before attempting to try it out. Through my observation I noticed that little boys were doing it well, grannies seemed to be doing fine. Saw it in movies, it looked cool and okay. How hard could it be, huh? My first mistake.

So there I go, chin up, bravado all over the place…. it all fell down (Just like London Bridge)…I tell you pressure rushed to my head, I experience an inertia greater than I could handle. Smile and cool attitude already crumbling, I struggled to regain my composure…. I all I could think of was how am i going to do this again!!

The second time round, my head still spun. I thought I had grabbed it but to my utter misery i hadn’t. I of course felt a certain gratification when i saw someone else go through what i had. I smirked, thinking to myself: ‘First timer!!’ . I would have felt much better if she hadn’t looked 12 years old!!!

All I can say is, “I’ll take stairs any day!!”


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