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Weekend Weekend!!!

Lol, it’s really sad to note that that was the first time I’ve been out that late in ‘ages’!!! Saturday’s “Masquerade” party was awesome..Complete with masks and all…

I had one of the cutest masks EVER!!! I post a picture of it sometime. Mob props to the organizers, the mask makers, the byunful ladies at the sign-up desks, the ones at the bar.

I also go to meet my twitter celebs: helleNyana, Normzo and Sibo … The other one for some reason (am guessing it is a good one), foxed me. By the time I realised he had foxed, I had already embarrassed myself. (sigh) What a girl has to do at a masquerade party.

So I had the perfect excuse to go around looking for him. I met quite a few people. So I’d walk up to some cute unsuspecting guy, and go, “Hey” with this saucy grin on my face…I jazz them about these awesome t-shirts that piff has made, then when they pull the ‘later’ line – I smile and say okay: hand thrust forward: “whats ur name” – Phillip, Simon, Peter, Dave….(Names have been changed for security purposes 🙂 , Yah! I can’t remember them )

Anyway, on our way to find a taxi, this guy in his heavily tinted-windowed car starts flashing his headlights at us, am like in your dreams buster!! I grab my baby sisters hand, pulled her closer and walked away hurriedly.

We finally get a taxi and guess what happens around Kampala Road. White Prado whizzes passed up, full speed ahead, honking to get pips out of the way. Close on his tail was a cop on a motocycle. The taxi errupted in laughter – and as usual, they were laughing at the cop.

As we approached Javas bombo road, we found them there. A small crowd had started to gather around them. It would seem that the Prado had given out coz the cop was still on his bike, just in case the guy pulled any fast ones.

Drama followed me, at the stage, while i stood waiting for a boda, this guy in his really awesome BMW, decides to slow down behind me, guy then decides to make the turn, and pass me in slow motion – FOR REYO!!! By the time he passed, I had seen the interior of his car. He stopped a few metres away from me, then after a minute or two he drove of slowly.

My boda finally arrived, we find the guy waiting for another car to pass. So we ride passed him, puh-leese!! as soon as the taxi had passed, it’s like the guy found his accelerator, dude came after as full speed flashing his lights – In my paranoia, I glared at the car and when he was almost nose to nose with the boda, I glanced at his number plate.

Reminded me of the time my sister told me of her journey from church. She was on a boda, and a car starts tailing them, soon after the guy drives at the same speed as the boda, he then rolls down his window and starts to bargain for my sister with the boda man. Offering the guy money!! The guy followed them till the stage, boda guy dropped her right in front of the taxi. So you now understand where the paranoia came from….

Anywho, how was your weekend?


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