Growing Seeds

23 Aug

My BFF has been preaching the gospel themed ‘wait’. Hold on. Everything will happen at it’s appointed time, there is no need to rush into anything. Time heals all wounds. Wait on the Lord, He will provide for you. Time is your best friend.

When I listen to this, there is always a part of me that wonders, ‘is this guy from this planet?’, ‘What on earth is he smoking??’ I just don’t gerrit – How come for me I’m always in a rush? How come for me, I just cannot wait for the next step? How come for me, I cannot help but wonder what next? How come for me I cannot seem to stop manipulating my surrounds to achieve what I want? What does wait mean anyway?

Someone once called us the ‘Entitled Generation’ or the ‘Microwave Generation’, we pretty much want things now. Right now! Heal this broken-heart now! Make me a millionaire now! Lets fall in love now! I want a promotion now! I should be entitled to benefits now! My start up company should be a hit (never mind it is less than 2 months old).

We pretty much are in a hurry to get it, never mind that Apple actually has a story behind it, never mind that the Addmaya & Nodesix founders have had their character tested along the way. The 75-year-old couple that you idolise have had their love blossom over the 50 something years that they have been together.

When you plant a seed in the ground, there is no forcing it to grow. When you accidentally cut yourself, there is no forcing the wound to heal up fast. When you joined nursery school, you never learned the derivative of y with respect to x (dy, dx). When you were a baby, you never learned to run, then jump, then sit, then crawl. When you get pregnant, you cannot force the unborn child in your womb to develop on your schedule – get ready with in 3 months; I need to go skiing by April.

We have been bombarded with the ‘you can getit now‘ theme – on television, at bookshops, in Church – The Bachlorette/Bachelor (Find love in 11 weeks), 7 ways to be a successful business man TODAY!, 7 ways to be the perfect spouse TODAY!, lets not even get into the genetics studies – In a way, the ‘I want now‘ fever has been been gently but consistently stroked over time.

We are living very much in tomorrow, worried and stressed over it’s uncertainties, planning for the unknown, not learning from yesterday or living in today. What does our future look like if this is all do? Yesterday has a very powerful story to tell, so much to learn; Today is offering us a chance to put into play what we have learned – to water and cultivate. A chance to plant the seeds – seeds that will grow in their own time.

Relationships like seeds, also need time to grow. Rush into it and it may fall down like a stack of cards later on. Don’t give it time and well… Imagine with me for a second – There is this friend of yours, you meet religiously once a week, and whenever you do – they are the one who do all the talking; They call only when they have issues. When you begin to talk, they shut you out. When you do not help solve their issue there and then, they have a tantrum, and start rumors about you, even write blog posts about you.

You would ditch them, wouldn’t you? Yet, this is what we do to God, day in – day out. We expect him to sort out our relationship with him, you know, it’s his responsibility, not mine – alas, this is exactly the same attitude we carry into our relationships with our friends, significant others, bosses and subordinates.

Over the past few months, I have learned that time is my best friend – Growing is such a beautiful thing, she allows you to look back and laugh, smile and grimace at the events that have happened. But more importantly, time heals you, she makes you stronger than your were yesterday and prepares you for what is to come. She teaches you the ways to go, she shows you in slow-mo how a rose bud opens up, she lets you in on the secret of growth.

A secret you can never know unless you are part of the journey.

Wisdom is not cramming our head with principles. It is developing a discerning heart. Waking the Dead

Have Your Way – Britt Nicole


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4 responses to “Growing Seeds

  1. gid

    August 23, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I think your bff is very awesome! I’d like to get to know them! i love this artical! It is by far one of your best works!!! thank you dear.

    • therisingpage

      August 23, 2011 at 3:48 pm

      hahaha – I am certain BFF would like you mob!

  2. petesmama

    August 23, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    You are on a roll. And you are as if in my head right now, talking me through some stuff. Thank you.


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