Meet Awava

30 Jun

Sun Dresses! Bags! Jewelary! Household items… ecetera. LOL! Don’t roll your eyes just yet…

It takes a lot to impress this fickle blogger, but I am just itching to get one of those Sun Dresses, with a matching bag and may be a necklace. (Yup – My Banker just rolled her eyes.)

Anyway, here is a little bit on Awava

At Awava, we believe in order to reach sustainable peace in Uganda and beyond, access to resources is essential.  These resources include access to a reliable financial income, clean water, education and food.

Our mission is not one of charity, but of economic empowerment, for you “give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day.  Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”  In assisting Awava’s artisans with design and providing Western market access, we at Awava are not only providing a space in which marginalized Women in Uganda can sell their masterpieces, but ensuring that these products will sell.  By ensuring the sale of these products at a fair price, Awava’s artisans will be able to gain access to precious resources, therefore empowering themselves through their skills.

For more, head here –>

The can also be found on the social sphere, just in case you would like to connect with them: Twitter: @awava, Blog and Facebook Fan Page: Awava

See you soon… sporting something from Awava

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