Worth The Pursuit

20 Jun

‘It’s in the sun of my smile and the grace of my style- my inner mystery. Its in the fire in my eyes; the flash of my teeth and the arch of my back.’ When God made me, He was thinking of you, MAN. Don’t waste my time with childish games. You need to know; I AM WORTH THE PURSUIT. Whether you’re worthy of pursuing me is up to you. If you’re ‘in-between’ decisions, take it to God- don’t come to me…until you’re sure.

Too many women have been scarred and broken wating in the sidelines for that one undecided fellow to make up his mind and quit stringing them along. Here’s to that woman, all time she’s wasted and the pain she’s endured. Lady, you are worth the pursuit, but is he worth the pain???

(Credits: Edith Eadgyth)


Posted by on June 20, 2011 in Inspiration, Life


5 responses to “Worth The Pursuit

  1. jake

    June 20, 2011 at 9:33 am

    “waiting in the sidelines”, “quit stringing them along”, “you are worth the pursuit”, “I AM WORTH THE PURSUIT”, “worthy of pursuing me is up to you” I don’t mean to be a party pooper or downer but to men this all means “HURRY UP AND QUEUE”.
    It is like a company saying hurry up and come attend the interview process (no guarantees mind you). Why do you want/need to be pursued? There is a touch of blissfully-ignorant-selfishness. You want the guy to quit wasting your time and come jump through hoops? don’t you see the irony there? That he could show up and YOU waste his time? Am on of those “more brain than heart” type people thus I often lead with my brain than with my heart.
    Now, I am not defending myself nor do I see me as that “poor worthy lion that you can’t wait to begin taming”, but as a rational and empathic guy, I feel called upon to defend the poor cretin.
    Here is a tip, try coming down off your pedestal of worthiness and try, uhm, showing your worthiness. Try proving to potentials that you are worth the hoops you are going to put up. I suggest you say you are ready to be CAUGHT instead of saying you still got some fight/flight left in you. Makes you sound less than the loser who blames everyone but themselves.
    Peace out sister. Good luck with the hounds.

  2. Ug girl

    June 20, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    I am worth the pursuit ..:-)

  3. gid

    June 22, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Jake, permit me to be candid with you. I agree that that at some point, a worthy woman shows she is by what she does and how she does it. However, most women act ‘unworthy’ because they dont know they are. Just like we men act poor until we are hit with the life long epiphany that all we ever needed was right in our hands.

    Women must come to a realization of their worthiness aside what they did or did not do.
    Jake, do you have to do something to prove your ego, your masculinity or your manhood as great ,fearless and dangerous? All men have it in them to be wild and dangerous…but it is until we discover that we actually are that we begin to act upon it.
    As I read that post, i didnt interpret it as if she is saying ‘jump through hoops for me’ as you called it. She simply is saying that she isnt some thing u pick off the street and treat like she is less than worthy of anything. She is important and deserves to be treated so. She doesnt have to act or prove anything to show her worthiness. She just is. And because she is worthy..because she is precious , because she is treasured, she will begin to tear back the drab of society that has layered and labeled her all that is weak and benign. It is we men that have stripped them of this worthiness and then make them work for it! We have objectified them, enslaved them and called them new names.. lesser names and when they ask for their treasure back, we tell them “get off your pedestal of worthiness and prove it”. Not to sound crass but SERIOUSLY??? Lets get off our self righteous behinds and see it for the damage it is. for a person that thinks to be objective about this, you seem to be pretty one-sided. (i could have gotten you wrong and for that i beg your pardon in advance) u say you have more brain than heart but we men lead a life of ” all brain and no heart” . And this is why we never perceive these women as precious until they can show us what they really are. We are the ones that took it from them! So the few good men out there.. give it back to them.

    • jake

      June 22, 2011 at 4:41 pm

      Dude, gid!!
      I never once question the worthiness. My objection is to the “pursuit”. Women are worthy of many many things but I am afraid due to the bias and inequalities they do not often get what they deserve. May I ask why you take equate “worthy to be pursued” to self-worth? I put it to you that you my brother are the one objectifying the woman!! She can be worthy to be loved, cared for and respected but is she worthy to be “PREYED UPON”? How do you define pursuit?
      I wrote a comment that tried not to point the finger and say TRP is bellyaching about some guy taking her for granted. I don’t have the details and wont take her for granted. you know the saying, “when you assume…”. Relationships take work. They need to be nurtured. I wont go into the stages but in my opinion, “worthy of pursuit” is girlspeak for, “BOYFRIEND, I DESERVE THOSE ROSES ON VALENTINES!!!” or whatever anniversary he has missed.
      Gid, answer me this question, What happens after the pursuit is over? We need to get away from this mindset that women are objects to run after or “pursue”. We need to see them as human beings who have a say in who they will or will not date (ahem, and they er need to kinda be that human being).
      Another question, WHAT THE BLUE BLAZES COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO PROVOKE SUCH A REACTION? The guy is Mr Right, He knows it, She knows it but he is not “pursuing”?
      Okay, TRP, I apologise for over analyzing AGAIN (as usual?) what could be a really simple issue. Am one of those dense guys that doesn’t get hints or subtlety. Maybe Brother Gid is on to something.
      And Ug girl, I have called police and there will be a 999 on your case shortly.

  4. gid

    June 22, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Thank you for the clarity. Its good i emphasized the worthiness and the implications there of. It will be the foundation on which i build my case for pursuit. If it is a general opinion that pursuit only refers to objects, then id beg to defer.

    Pursuit is also synonymous with chasing after, striving after, interest in, search for. Pursuit can be of an object , a cosmic entity (like God) an idea (like freedom) and a character seen in form of happiness, joy , peace mention but a few.
    How much you value these, will determine how much you search for, chase after or strive for them. So in my opinion, pursuit has been understated and quiet honestly grossly misunderstood. To think that it is girl talk for “buy me roses on valentine” is how we men think because we use our heads more than our hearts to hear the cries of their hearts. And even if we hear them, they are in a different language.. one we care not to learn many times.
    If i valued and treasured a woman, the pursuit for her heart, her mind and her spirit will never end. it takes that long to fully know someone. So No, pursuit isnt objectifying… it is honoring. it is recognizing and acting upon the Worthiness that she is!
    I am not idealistic.. may be just empathetic and on my pursuit for knowledge..i dont know it all. but the truth lies their in. In our hearts. Hope i have to some extent brought to light what pursuit means in this context.


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