How to tune up your presentation – Chris Brogan

22 Nov

I recently had to give a presentation at our department’s annual planning retreat, everything was okay – the week before. I decided to take time off to meticulously plan everything out – then Friday: I was informed, the UMPH was missing.

The night before the presentation, I’m all over the internet – trying to download images, videos – saving this, saving that. The next morning I woke up late – then the presentation before that lasted way way way longer than it should have, which put it my presentation precariously close to lunch time – we all know what that means…’Bored Ugandans’ or so i told myself. Much to my surprise, it all went much better than I expected.

Anyway, I just found this & thought some of you may find this useful:

Presentation Tune-Ups: Chris Brogan

I’ve given close to a thousand presentations over the last few years. I’ve spoken to rooms with only a handful of people and on stages facing over a thousand people at a time. Success is never a guarantee, and if you think I don’t get nervous or that I don’t balk at the possibility of failure, then I’ve got you fooled. But I’ve also learned a lot, and maybe I can share some things that will help you.

Start with a Plan
The first thing that surprises me when I talk to people about their presentations is that they don’t have a plan. They have slides, and those are arranged in an order, but if I shut their laptop lid, there is absolutely no plan. To understand what I mean, try answering these questions:

* My main goal of this presentation is for the audience to ______.
* The top 3 things I need the audience to take away from this presentation are ____, ____, _____.
* In the first few minutes (no more than 2), I will capture this audience by _____.
* If my gear dies, the main 3 things I will tell them are ____, ____ , ____.
* If they start looking bored or confused, I will shift gears by _______.
* At the end of this presentation, I want people to ______.
* When I’m done the presentation, I will _____ .
* When following up with people after this presentation, I will offer them _____.

Does that sound like a lot? These 8 points that might help you feel much more prepared before your next spot on a stage. It works the same if you’re a panelist or the keynote, if you’re in the office pitching to the boss, or if you’re speaking in front of your daughter’s third grade class.

Read the full article here…

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One response to “How to tune up your presentation – Chris Brogan

  1. novemberMiracle

    November 23, 2010 at 3:47 am

    Thanks for posting this info on presentations. I do give a lot of presentations too. And sometimes, there are just some audiences that are heavy. but i agree.. PLANNING is the key 😀

    Nice blog!:)


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