Sojourning From Myself… (Part Two)

21 Nov

Location: Mulago. Time Check: 11.30pm

Doctors not sure what is going on. They keep asking: What is her medical history? Who are her parents? Has this happened to her before? She must have eaten something – Did she eat something? Do you know what happened? They keep asking the same questions over and over again.1st the doctors. then the doctor and his students. then the nurses. It was almost as if they willed the answers to change. “Okay. We are now going to run some tests.”

Many hours later, the doctor announces that it was time to change wards. So Mum and Mary in tow – head to the said ward. On arrival, no available beds, Mary is being supported by her Mum and no one seems to care. Now intuition kicks in – Mum starts to look out for a place to sit – she spies a wheelchair abandoned (or so we prefer to think) in the corridor, she grabs it and sits Mary on it. For the next few hours they await their bed ‘reservation’ – 9am to 5pm to be exact. On calling the doctor to let him know what was going on – the bed was assigned few minutes later.

Because of the long wait, Mary had another major episode. The Doctor comes in and scribbles something on Mary’s chart and goes on his way. In comes the nurse, she surveys the place and then in an incredulous voice says – Where is the medicine? Why haven’t you got the medicine?? Mum, at this point is almost livid – she didn’t know about getting any meds, no one told her to get any meds! Anyway, she finds her way to the pharmacy on the floor – closed. She goes to another ward and finds a loonnnngg queue. Finding her way to the front, she got the medicine, presents it to the doctor when he passed by. Wrong Meds. Go Back. She rushed back to the Pharmacy – they were tablets. She was supposed to give tablets (6×1) to a person who was in and out of consciousness with epileptic-like episodes – and you thought you had a hard task to do.

Mary stabilised later that night.

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One response to “Sojourning From Myself… (Part Two)

  1. andy kristian

    November 22, 2010 at 7:26 am

    What an ordeal and a shame! And this is at the country’s biggest and university teaching hospital…


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