Sojourning From Myself… (Part One)

20 Nov

I was so freakishly excited about this little time off that i was going to take. In fact I went ahead and dared to make plans – I would wake up late Friday morning, lazy around for a bit then head off to the beach for a wonderfully romantic one on one session with the one who holds my heart – Boy was i far far off!!

For some reason i get up relatively early, about 9.30am – debated about watching a movie or finishing up my knitting (Don’t judge me)…Pull the knitting and proceed to get lost in it – 10 minutes later there is a pounding on the gate , I ignore it because i knew that there was someone close to the gate… but the pounding intensified. I yell out – GATE! Pssh – Nara – Nothing happened. So i ask my sister to go open the gate, reluctantly she does so.

5 Minutes later, I hear my mom calling out to the house-help (We shall call her Mary) in a strange way, then i hear her do it in again and again. Something in me didn’t sit right – but i convinced myself that Mary had been caught sleeping on the job, but the calling out continued, so i change my theory to they are looking for her in the garden. My assumptions were cut short when my sister called out to me sharply. Knitting aside, i jump out of bed and run to them.

There i saw it. Mary lying on the floor in the garage – forming at the mouth, broom at her feet, bucket and mop five steps away, My mother standing over her rubbing her chest helplessly calling out to her, My sister looking through her phone for a doctors number… Mum rushes right past me muttering: I don’t know what first aid to do – what is this? Have you got Doctor’s number? Where has she gone?? Give me the phone and I call her myself?

And thus the ensuing events were unbelievable!

After calling a number of doctor friends we were told about the 1st aid to give her to keep her from chocking – then that she would be fine. The original doctor finally sent over a nurse – however – i do not think she expected what she saw. She then sends me to go and buy the drip and injection – by the time I return, Mary had gotten a little more violent and restless – a cab had been called for. I set the items before the nurse but the question running through my head was how exactly do you put someone who is writhing and turning on drip.

Meanwhile, we hear the cabbie attempting to come up the hill without much success. He run out of fuel.

Half an hour later, Mary was taken to the clinic and was in and out of consciousness – She kept asking calling out for Carol, speaking of the tasks that she had to do before the morning was done.

The nurse had a number of theories but said she would run some tests first. Since the clinic was near home she sent my mom off and said she would call if she had any updates. And call she did. Two hours later, she called – meds were not working, doctor hadn’t showed up yet, needless to say nurse was getting worried.

Time Check: 11.30pm. Location: Mulago public ward. Situation: no where to sleep. Prognosis: We have no idea what is wrong with her.

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